Finally,Mom's can take a break

Kids Beam Play and Kids Yoga!!

Kids Night Out

Mother's Day Special

Kid's Night Out

mother's day special

You get an evening out! They get to have fun in our studio.

    All kids 3+ are welcome to play, laugh, stomp and of course do yoga. Well, it's a Kids Yoga practice!!!! Which means we fly on carpets, pretend to be animals and possibly float away on a star.  Studio will open at 5pm and close at 7pm. Kids can play for 45 minutes or stay up to 2 hours. The choice is yours. Rolling drop off.

Price:  $20 per hour per kid

When:  Sat. May 11th

Location:  Live a Little Studio

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Mom's Night Out

at Seven Birches

All moms need a break from their family and on Mother’s day, you generally spend the day WITH your family. So, we’re giving moms a break! On Saturday, May 11, 5pm-9pm, we are planning a special wine event, free from the kids.