Kids Beam Play Fun

Open Weekends by Reservation Only

Private Family Booking


Play Zone

Open Every Weekend

Reservations are Required

 Embrace the future of play.

A future  where
fun is immersive, active and engages for hours.

Imagine Giving Kids a Giant Tablet to Stomp and Run Around On!

30+ Games to Play.
One Space to Play Them All!


Play Zone


Play Zone

Pricing:  $25 per child for an entire hour of play



Covid Safety:  Booking one family per time slot. With max of 10 kids. Please arrive at studio wearing a mask. Kids can play mask free!!



Birthday Party Rates:

      $150 Includes:

  • Room rental for 2.5 hours and clean up.

  • use of Beam

  • feel free to bring your own food and drink