Things to know,

                     before you show




  • Arrive 5- 10 minutes early.  This gives you time to meet your instructor and familiarize yourself with your space!

  • If you are new to our studio you will be required to sign a waiver before beginning. Click here to print our waiver.

  •  Drink plenty of water during, after and even prior to class.

  • Dress appropriately. Wear comfortable and breathable workout clothing. Proper footwear for certain classes is required.

  • If you are having any difficultly with movement or pain perhaps from an injury, please inform your instructor prior to class so that proper modifications and precautions can be made.

  • Saftey is our number one priority! If we see someone in our studio doing something dangerous to themselves or another student we reserve the right to ask that person to leave...without a refund. So PLAY NICE!

  • Bring your own yoga mat.  We provide complementary studio mats. But having your own mat supports your commitment to fitness and ensures its cleanliness.

  • Remove your outside shoes upon entering the studio. We have a designated shoe zone so you can store your shoes while experiencing a class. Keeping your exterior shoes off while in our studio will promote cleanliness. And really, who likes to wear shoes anyways?

  • If you have personal items you would like to bring into the studio please use the cubbies for storage. Keeping the floors clear of personal belongings ensures a safe environment for everyone.

  • Turn off your cell phone.  No one wants to hear that your aunt Suzie is calling.  So PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, turn those cell phones off or tell the instructor before class begins that you may get an URGENT call and have to scurry off.

  • We offer a 5 minute grace period for students who are running late.

  • If you must leave early please notify the instructor before class begins.

  • Notify the teacher of injuries or medical conditions such as neck, back or joint injuries, heart disease, high blood pressure, recent surgery or pregnancy. This helps the teacher know how to assist you and give you modifications.

  • Every student has a different body so please be mindful.  Tune in and listen to your body. Don’t be afraid to modify or skip an excersie if it is not right for you.

  • Contact a physician prior to class if you have any health concerns, chronic conditions or recent injuries.

  • We reserve the right to ask for a physicians clearance prior to attending a class

  • We love having our students and teachers be as healthy as possible!  However, injuries and illness happen to everyone!  If you get injured or fall ill for an extended time and are therefore unable to attend classes, we will extend your membership accordingly so that you can come back and rock it in classes again once you are feeling better!

We want to be sure everyone has a spectacular fitness class so we've whipped up a few helpful recommendations to guarantee a fun and safe fitness experience!

If you have any other questions or concerns please let us know.