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Bend & Sip

A Refreshing Blend of

Yoga & Beer

Bend & Sip is a fun flowy Yoga session with a Beer social at the end!

Relax as the smell of hops surrounds you.  Let the sounds of the brewing process refresh your curiosity!

Yoge & Beer

Let your love of local craft beer mingle with a lax, laid back Yoga class.

Just Fun

No pressure here.
Yoga + Beer= Yoga for everyone.
From beginners to advanced this is a Yoga experience like no other. Bend & Sip is just feel good Yoga!!



Beer and Yoga create Connections

Pairing craft beer with Yogis creates powerful connections. We are literally building community, trust and a deeper sense of mindfulness one pint at a time.

I Still have questions??

No worries. Feel free to text or call with any questions. See you in the Brewery!!

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