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Let us remind you

how truly amazing you really are

You'll love what you can do

Our team of instructors LOVE what they do. When you love what you do it's easy to

create an environment for learning, thriving and growing!

Margarita D.

I completely believe everyone is entitled to a good,  healthy life. Sometimes we just need help figuring out how to get there.  Which is where I come in. It's become my passion to help people find there true health and to live an active lifestyle. I truly want to create an army of fit healthy,  active individuals who feast on life, play everyday and live up to their full potential.

         If you've struggled  in the past to stay motivated or  struggled to find your fitness fun give me a shout. I'd love to hear your personal story and get to know you more. Perhaps we could even start getting your life on a healthy fit plan today!

Sarah Beaudin

 I am just your average mom, trying to bust out a workout and have some "me time"! I strongly believe that everyone can do anything. Will we all be at different stages in our fitness ... HECK YA! That's what makes instructing fun, and is also what makes our studios comradary unique and stronger. 

Becca Gosselin

I teach to inspire and to awake the hearts of others on and off the mat. Growing up I was always told to follow my dreams, and I am doing exactly that. Aside from being a yoga teacher in studios I also work with adolescents battling anxiety, depression, OCD. I developed a health and wellness module and teach yoga/ mindfulness with them on a daily basis. I am grateful to say, I love what I do. I am still continuing my education in the health field. My classes are innovative and fun for each student’s individual connection to their mind, body, and soul.

Stacey Caulder

I am a Yoga instructor and a licensed massage therapist.  I believe in meeting my clients where they are at in their lives and then, together, making adjustments and changes to help them get to a state of balance.  I know that comfort, trust and understanding are key components to achieving these goals.  My clients come back to me time and time again and refer others because of the personal connection that I like to develop with them.  I look so forward to helping you discover this important balance in your life!

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