This years focus is about Rising Above.

We will RISE above our old habits that don't serve us.

RISE above the fear that has trapped us this past year.

RISE above our old self to be a better more active fulfilled person.

Boot Camp=Adult Recess

Imagine finding a group of people that are super supportive and encouraging. That's our crew. Join us for our 2021 Outdoor Boot-Camp!!!!

Play outside all summer long and get fit doing it. We bring the workouts outside and we make it FUN!!


It's amazing what a few people can accomplish when they are surrounded by support.

"At the end of tonight's Boot Camp class my eyes filled with tears. Tonight marks the end of an 8 week long workout session. Yes, 8 weeks. For 2 straight months these ladies crawled, ran, did pushups, burpees and squats in the sun and dripping with sweat. I cried not because it was ending but because everyone YES everyone saw results and gained strength and transformed",

Muddy Details

  • Anyone who can walk can PLAY!!

  • We meet 2x a week

  • Monday @ 5:30pm & Wednesday @ 5:30pm

  • $85 per month

  •  Sign up for one month or the entire summer

  • Kids welcome to participate or play at the playground

"Boot-camp is an awesome way to see transformation in not just your body but mind.Thanks for the push!" -Nicole