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This years focus is about Shifting our habits.

Releasing our old patterns that don't serve us and

Shifting into new habits that do.

Boot Camp=Adult Recess

Imagine finding a group of people that are super supportive and encouraging. That's our crew. Join us for our 2022 Outdoor Boot-Camp!!!!

Play outside all summer long and get fit doing it. We bring the workouts outside and we make it FUN!!


It's amazing what a few people can accomplish when they are surrounded by support.

"At the end of tonight's Boot Camp class my eyes filled with tears. Tonight marks the end of an 8 week long workout session. Yes, 8 weeks. For 2 straight months these ladies crawled, ran, did pushups, burpees and squats in the sun and dripping with sweat. I cried not because it was ending but because everyone YES everyone saw results and gained strength and transformed",
bootcamp jump.jpg

Muddy Details

  • Anyone who can walk can PLAY!!

  • We meet 1x a week

  • Monday @ 5:30pm

  • $50 per month

  •  Sign up for one month

  • Kids welcome to participate FREE or play at the playground

"Boot-camp is an awesome way to see transformation in not just your body but mind.Thanks for the push!" -Nicole

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