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Put the cookies down. Yes, the Holidays are tough but not as tough as you.

Crap, the Holidays are quickly approaching! My bank account is in the red, my weight is up and my family is driving me crazy. Oh, and it hasn't even snowed yet. Have you ever felt like that? Just overwhelmed with not only the holidays but life itself. This video gives you 3 small tricks that you can use to combat your holiday stress.

1) Give yourself a way out; Set a time limit and tell your host upon arrival

Holiday Parties can be so fun, fulfilling, exciting and SCARY. Let's face it, sometimes parties can be rough. Maybe you end up in an ugly conversation about politics or maybe your friend negative Nick shows up and sprinkles you with lots of heavy crap. You're feeling overwhelmed and stuck. Not to mention you have so much work to do. But because you had a hunch this might happen you gave yourself a way out. As soon as you arrived at the party you told the party host you have to leave in an hour or so. Wow,look at you! Now you can party and get home before 10pm so your tomorrow will still start fabulous instead of hungover and tired.

2) Emergency Self-Care Plate; Successful Stress Eating is possible!

Who here stress eats??? I sure do. I'm getting better, but the holidays definitely seem to raise the stress eating stakes. However, I'm not one who believes in deprivation. I love all that holiday goodness. Not to mention there's always that one friend that just makes incredible cookies. So you just have to eat 1 or 2. However, while having access to these delicious treats is unavoidable mitigating damage is key. So don't snuggle up to the appetizer table. Be sure to keep moving and work the room. Sugary foods can really impact your mental stability. One way to keep yourself focused and cool is to cut back the sugar. My suggestion is to create a little self love plate. Did you notice that word, Little? Get a small plate and put one or two hors d'oeuvres on it and eat it slow. Maybe bring the plate with you as you mingle. I came up with this concept one day before I had to teach a class. My morning wasn't great and I just wanted to show myself some compassion so I went to the local coffee shop (Peaked Moon Farm) and got myself a hot tea. As I taught class I sipped on it and reminded myself everything would be ok. A hot tea is a great beverage if your looking to lose a few pounds. Because you can't drink it quick and it gives you a moment to take a pause when needed. I LOVE this trick!!

3) Movement Leader;

Just the act of movement releases endorphins! Endorphins can help relieve pain and create that feeling, known as a "runner's high"; it can be accompanied by a positive and energizing outlook on life, reports web MD. This is great news! So, if you're in a stressful state at a Holiday party just high tail it out of there and go for a walk or jog. I dare you to take this concept to the next level and invite friends to join you. Be the one who leads your family into their next fitness revolution!!

Let's rock this Holiday strong! Sticking with a plan of action will prove to yourself that you can do anything. You can use these small tricks to springboard yourself into a healthy new year. Keep them in your back pocket and use them when needed. I'm hoping that you have a healthy, happy holiday. If you use these tricks, or have one that works for you, share it with us in a comment below. Happy Fit-mas and have yourself a great holiday!


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