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Cultivate Wellness

Events and Workshops to empower, inspire, and build community

Today you will be your own HERO!

Kids Beam Play

Every Saturday Night Dec-Feb

Get those kids active! Every Saturday night we open our studio to kids play. We have an interactive kids play area.Click the link to learn more.

Price: $10 for 30 min 

           $15 for 60 min

Location: Live a Little Studio

Yin Yoga +Massage =Bliss

Take some of our favorite modalities from Yin Yoga, pour in some aromatherapy and add plenty of hands-on assists what do you get? Yin Bliss.

    We invite you to this candlelit fusion of Yin Yoga and massage. Margarita Dufresne will guide you through a restorative Yin practice while offering plenty of hands-on assists from our massage therapist.  You will sink deeper into each pose and release layers of tension. Take a break from your hectic life and experience a heightened state of relaxation and bliss.

Price:  $30

Location:  Live a Little Studio

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