Crank it 4 Kita


Crank it 4 Kita is a relay style spin class to raise money for Camp Kita.


Camp Kita

Camp Kita is a summer bereavement camp located in Maine. Open to children ages 8-17, who are survivors of a loved one's suicide. 

Kita's Mission

We strive to provide a safe, supportive environment for young survivors of suicide to come together. Where our campers can build connections through common interests and shared experiences; find hope through nature, knowledge, and grief management tools; and gain confidence through new experiences, having fun, and finding their place within a large
resilient community of survivors.

Don't worry, it is a relay ride so you will not only be in supportive group you'll have 2 of
your friends cheering you on!!


Crank it 4 Kita Details


To raise money for Camp Kita while having fun and getting a great workout! No joke. You are guaranteed to have a great ride!!


Friday June 3rd from 3:30-6:00pm


Anyone that can ride an indoor spin bike or anyone interested in learning!


Just $15 to register and just fundraise from there.
Register by May 21st and save $5 use code: SAVE5 & get 3 additional raffle tickets!

indoor cycling
Fit Women

You in???


Step #1:

Create your team! Invite 2 other friends to join you, to be a team of 3 riders & set up a team name. Be sure to get creative there will probably be prizes for best name!!

Step #2:

Decide who is riding which leg of the relay?

   Ride #1: 3:30-4:10pm

   Ride #2: 4:25-5:05pm

   Ride #3: 5:20pm-6:00pm

Step #3:

Register yourself by clicking below and be sure to add your team name and specify which ride (time slot) you will be riding for. That's it. You are  in.

Step #4:

Now let's start collecting donations!! Click and share the link. Give it to as many friends as you like but be sure they write your team name in the comment section at the end. We will keep track of the total amount donated. The team with the most donations wins a prize!!!

Which EPIC ride to choose?


Kristy D.

80's Party

Ride#1:  3:30-4:10pm

Do you LOVE 80's music? Us too!! Join us for this 80's style ride where we celebrate top hits from this unforgettable decade!

Beginner Ride



New Millennium Ride

Ride#2:  4:25-5:05pm

January 1st 2000 all of humanity celebrated a start to a new millennium. Let's jam out to all that new amazing music and of course a new positive mindset.

Intermediate Ride



Cultivate  Courage

Ride#3:  5:20-6:00pm

Let's cultivate your most powerful self and step fiercely into the most courageous version of you. This ride will help you release self doubt  and celebrate exactly who you are.